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G'day!! If you're a newbie (or even if you're not), you'll find this page helpful. I've listed links that I've found handy since I started messing around on the internet about 4 years ago and making web pages for a hobby. If you know of any sites that are excellent for newbies or web designers or anybody else, please email me the URL and I'll check it out. I'm always looking for free sites that offer anything from free banner makers to simple HTML instructions.

If you're about to endeavour to make your first home page, good luck! There are many sites and lots of tools out there to make it fun and relatively easy (yes, it may look hard at first, but after a few tries, you'll get the hang of the basics very quickly especially with all the page builders/editors out there - mind you, I now write all my HTML on my notepad and recommend that as you learn, you try to understand each command so that you can write it yourself and not rely on other sources).

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Check out Web Tool Central.com for some very good interactive tools and much more for your web site for free (they also offer a kewl business card creator!)

A Beautiful Web With Heart
Heaps of original animations and graphics and beautiful things courtesy of Mary (Garren) Morand.

1000's of free graphics, fonts, animations, border sets & more!

~Mystiqal's~ Animated Icon Library
My site of course ;-)

2Cool Animations
Over 20,000 free animations, backgrounds, clipart images and other textures!

Boogie Jack's HTML Color Chart
And another one...this chart has most of the basic colors on it and comes in handy.

Doug's RGB Hex Charts
Doug has a heap of different charts for you to check out and find exactly the color you want!!

HTML Color Code Chart
Just as it says - some HTML color codes.

JCount Free Counters
I tested this one for a few days - nice graphics, poor reliability.

Quite reliable free counter that I use on a couple of my pages and it seems to work fine at all times.

Enlightened Fonts
Fast download and lots to choose from, although it hasn't been updated in ages.

Font Freak
Cool site - heaps of fonts to choose from...easy to navigate and download zips.

Font Mania
Nice, fairly fast loading site with over 400 new fonts apparently. Also hasn't been updated for quite awhile.

Microsoft Typography
All the standard fonts and heaps more direct from Microsoft...must have fonts here.


Angelfire - Free Home Pages
50 megabytes of web space...Angelfire has improved immensely over the past couple of years...especially since Lycos took over.

FortuneCity - Free Home Pages
Now only 25 megabytes of space....FortuneCity used to offer 100mb...and still don't seem as good as some of the others to warrant the backwards stance they've taken for personal web pages. Not recommended.

Geocities - Free Home Pages
50 megabytes of space but generally the servers are always running slow along with ftp....they're too big for they're servers...Not recommended.

Tripod - Free Home Pages
50 megabytes of space with fast servers and ftp. I prefer Tripod over all other free space providers. (And I've tried them all and have web pages with them all). Highly recommended for the newbie with guts to get in and learn.


A+B+C Graphics
This site claims to have the largest background selection in the world, and I'm not going to argue. 1000's to choose from.

Check out Silverchairs custom designs including some nice free web sets.

Brian Webb's Button Sets
Brian offers some really nice buttons sets and more for free.

Graphics For Teachers
A nice site with heaps of links to graphics for various school projects, plus tips on how to use graphics and animations in your email and more!!

Mar's Nature Backgrounds & Things
Very nice site with some awesome backgrounds for free.

~Mystiqal's~ Free Button Sets
I've made some free navigation buttons in various patterns and fonts. They're free if you want to use them on your web page.

~Mystiqal's~ Original Background Designs
I've also made some free backgrounds/wallpapers. You'll find some interesting textures amongst them.

Web Graphics at CatStuff
Glenda Moore provides some outstanding free graphics all to do with Cats. They're subject to copyright, so if you download anything from her site, please ensure you provide credit and a link back.

From Rookie To Web Master In A Flash

htmlGEAR guestGEAR
The old Guestworld/LPage guestbooks have come a long way....Lycos have made it into a fantastic guestbook! Definitely the BEST free Guest Book on offer! Highly recommended. (I don't recommend any other guestbooks other than the one provided by MyComputer.com when you sign up for their counters and superstats etc).

This site provides great tutorials on basic HTML for beginners/newbies.

CNET Download.com for the PC (or Mac)
Downloads of all the best free/shareware programs on the net. You'll find everything here.

HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners
Dave's HTML Guide was recommended by a newbie as a great link...so I checked it out, and it is. Go there now if you want to learn more about HTML, how it works and get started on your very own home page soon after!

Digital Animators
Digital Animators provides an extensive resource for the professional animator (or the nearly professional), from the latest product news to free 3D models and textures. Digital Animators even sports a still image and video animation gallery where animation artists can post their latest offerings.

Free Center
Links listed and ranked that lead to "all the free stuff you could ever want".

GIF Wizard Home Page
If you enjoy graphics, you may like to use the Gif Wizard to shrink them.

The HTML Writers Guild: Membership Services
Become a member of the HTML Writers Guild if you want to try and keep up to date with the latest programming techniques etc.

A tool that animates colorful text and symbols in various directions (very small files). You can download a free trial of this graphics program.

Macromedia Shockwave Download Area
Download Shockwave and Flash Players.

PaintShop Pro Home Page
Want to make some graphics for your web site? Download PaintShop Pro from Jasc Software (shareware that expires after 60 days), which includes Animation Shop. Also find links to some tutorials.

PaintShop Pro Tutorials
Tutorials for PSP on how to make cool looking buttons and banners for your web site.

So You Want Some Frames, Huh?
A tutorial on how to make frames for your web page/s. This site also has links to many other HTML design tutorials and ideas (forms, image maps, JavaScript etc).

web pages that suck -- web design, html, design, web pages
Want to see what some unknown web critic has to say about how some web pages are designed? It's interesting.....hmmm...will you find your style of site here?

Web Site Development: How to Create Your Own Web Page
100's of links to pages to help you develop your Web Site.

Xara3D - software for 3D web graphics
A free trial of Xara3D. It costs about US$40 for the software if you decide to buy it. It's a very easy program to use and if you have the spare cash, I'd recommend buying it. It makes excellent 3D animated word graphics.

Free Guest Books, Top 50s, Search Engines and more

Harmony Central
Excellent site for musicians and MIDI sequencers.

Want to try your hand at sequencing your very own MIDI files? Try this free MIDI sequencing program (it's what ~Nightbird~ uses to make his masterpieces!).

~Mystiqal's~ Grooviest MIDI Links on the Net!
A page of MIDI links to all sorts of MIDI sites.

~Mystiqal's~ Music Room - 100's Rock/Pop MIDI Files!
Yes, one of my sites again. You'll find some excellent quality rock, pop, dance & electronica MIDI files here. My site also hosts exclusive new files by a couple of excellent sequencers...Take a look, you'll be amazed at some of the tunes you'll find.

~Nightbird~ MIDI Studios
If you want to have a listen to some of the best MIDI files available on the net, you have to visit my ~Nightbird's~ Studio. He's constantly adding new tunes, covers and original...if you're a MIDI enthusiast, don't miss this site - it's where you'll find some of the best new sequences online first (don't wait 'til other sites pinch them from mystiqal.com!)

Want to listen to MIDI files and/or MP3's, but you're computer hasn't got the software? Download Winamp for free.

Make Your Own CDs! Click Here!

Apply for some awards for your site if you think it's good enough.

DEWA.COM! URL Submission
Submit your URL for free.

FOCUS Associates
Links to some professional award sites.

Free Stuff at Ultimate-Freebies.com
Links to all sorts of free stuff.

Sites Offering Awards
A list of sites offering awards.

Spider Smart Webmaster Resources
Great resources sites...if you have a cool web tool/resources site, you might want to get listed here.


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