Animated Icon Library

Sorry, but the Library has closed down!

After a few years, the Library has decided to shut its doors after a long battle with trying to find a reliabe free server to call home. The size and amount of visitors has caused great problems and it seems it's impossible to find any reliability when it comes to free web space - as you may have noticed if you've been a regular visitor over the years...Tripod gave me lots of space then took it away when they felt like cutting down on allowed web space (after encouraging me to build a huge site) - twice, and quite frankly, losing your graphics and hard work more than once...well, that's enough to put anyone off maintaining a site "for fun" because it's not fun anymore if you're constantly battling to keep the site error free and wasting hours of your time and effort. To the few of you who actually sent email of appreciation over the years (which were far and few between), thank you, I appreciate it - to the rest of you who use and abuse and never do anything for yourselves (except complain and act ungratefully), I say "good luck finding a site that was as organised as this one was" and if you can't, build one yourself!

But there is a tiny bit of good news - you can still access my original graphics if you'd like (wallpaper, bars, etc).

So, click here to go straight to ~Mystiqal's~ Original Graphics!