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~Mystiqal's~ Animated Icon Libary would like to thank the following Websites - they are some of the best Animated Graphics sites I have come across during my netsurfing... without these sites, the Library would not be what it is today....CREDIT is due to all the owners of the Web Sites listed in the index of links below. (Because of the sheer extensiveness/size of the Animated Icon Library, it is nearly impossible to give individual credits to each and every artist - especially when most are unknown anyway!).

I've also added a section after the Top 50 Animation Sites, for sites that specialise in graphics such as Backgrounds & buttons (and other related web graphics). It's currently called the Top 10 Background & Button Sites. I'll soon move it to it's own designated page, but for now, please scroll on down!! You'll find some fantastic sites with beautiful works to make your home page look extra special! Thank you to all the great people who spend their time making such wonderful free sites! And if you have a site that offers free backgrounds & buttons etc, feel free to email me the URL and I'll check it out and add it to the listing!

Therefore THIS page is to give ALL Graphic Artists and Designers CREDIT! Thank you to all of you for making the www a colorful place! I, and all the people who browse the Library, appreciate it!! :-)

Without further ado, please take a look at the......

...in alphabetical order...!

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SPECIAL NOTICE!    I currently have a heap of vacancies in my Top 50 listing. The last couple of years has seen the disappearance of many of the sites I had listed, so if you know of a hot animations site or maintain an animations site you'd like to see linked here, please submit it via sending me an email at mystiqal@mystiqal.com with the URL and site description and I'll review it and add it to the list! (And your site must contain animated gifs). Thank you!

2Cool Animations
Over 20,000 animations, backgrounds, buttons, and heaps more!

Heaps of cool 3D animations!

Animation City
A well designed frames site with a collection of COOL free animated GIFs with thumbnail previews.

Animation Factory
Heaps of free original graphics - some of the best & most popular GIFs you'll find anywhere on the web!! Some of my personal favourites originate from this site..!! Make sure you check it out!!

Animation Shack
A collection of various graphics from all over the web.

Animation Station by Syruss
Excellent web site containing heaps of quality icons...also 1000+ backgrounds!!

ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio
Heaps of groovy original Cartoon Animations & lot's more!

The Ball Boutique Free Graphics
Backgrounds, animations etc.

Heaps of graphics, links, backgrounds etc, all categorized for easy navigation.

Chooks Free Animated Gifs
Check out Chooks excellent collection of animations and graphics free for the taking. You'll find heaps of cool stuff here!

Denton's Dimensions
Over 2000 original animations and lots more from Denton!

Ender Design Inc. Web Design & Hosting
Animations, backgrounds, everything!

Eternal Condemnation Fire & Lights
If you're looking for Fire, Candles, Lights, Torches & Electricity type animated gifs, this is your place!! Cool collection!

Heaps of free animated gifs, clipart, backgrounds, buttons, animated dividers, pictures, and digital art to use on your website!

Free Gifs & Animations
Free Original Animations & stuff!

The Free Graphics Store
Animations, backgrounds & all sorts.

Groovy images & backgrounds & things.

Postively THE BEST CARTOON ANIMATIONS available! If you don't go to another site, go to this one. It's in German, but the animations speak for themselves. The BEST EVER!

Animations, backgrounds, etc!

Graphics at CatStuff
Cat animations galore....plus cat buttons, banners, clipart, navigation tools & heaps more!!! Cat lovers must have a look!

ICONS!! If you're looking for .ico graphics, this is the place!

Image O Rama
Animated Gifs! (What else??)

Mary Morand's - A Beautiful Web With Heart
Visit Mary Garren's beautiful website offering free animated graphics & much, much more.

Media Links Free Graphics!
All sorts of cool graphics!

Mike Shaikun's Animated Gif Collection
Lots and lots of animated gifs of course.

MM Designs
Very professional site....has some really nice free graphics...have a look!

Multimedia Palace
Heaps of animations such as Flags, Plants & more!

Old Glory USA Animations
A collection of gif animations free for use on your web site!

Original Animation For Download
Heaps of animated graphics...make sure you check it out!

PageWorks Toonland (c) kitty roach original animation
Excellent original and unique animations! Kitty Roach is a legend! VISIT TOONLAND!!!

Original animation by Rexinator!

Animations, backgrounds, everything & more!

Rose's Animated Gifs
A huge listing of hundreds of animated gifs!

Scorpius31 Gif Animations
A Dutch/English collection site of animations, including Pokemon gifs and more!

Sheriberry Graphics (A Touch Of Color)
One of my favourite animations and graphics sites! Sheriberry creates some gorgeous little animations of all sorts in a totally original way. You truly have to check out her stuff!

Cool graphics site.

WOWZERS! Animated Graphics
Over 6000 animations plus a ranking competition between popular animations sites.

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...in alphabetical order...!


A-B-C Web Graphics
Huge selection of backgrounds, buttons etc!

Absolute Designz
Original backgrounds, arrows, buttons & bars - lots to choose from!!

BACK AT YA Designs
Professional site, but catering for non-commercial sites too! Lots of free backgrounds and more!

Backgrounds by Marie
Some of the most beautiful background sets you'll find on the net. Marie also sells her designs to commercial sites for a small fee, but if you're just a hobbiest like me - they're free!

Brian's Button Sets
Check out some of Brian's cool buttons sets!!

Timothy Glass (Writer-For-Hire)
Original backgrounds, buttons and other works! Pay Tim a visit!
(BEWARE: Frames!)

Les TresoraGraphx
A new site on the web - check out some of Tresora's cool Backgrounds and Banners!

Mar's Nature Backgrounds & Things
Some wonderful Nature border backgrounds and much more to divy up your web site!

~Mystiqal's~ Original Graphics
Yes, my site! Check it out for a heap of original backgrounds and things.

3D Textured Backgrounds
Backgrounds galore!

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